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the material laid out for the costume, the costume's side panels

are spandex and the rest is vinyl


testing out the full under suit


I sewed over 11 metres of velcro to finish the costume, it may look

completely random but it is carefully laid out to allow movement

when the cardboard goes on


here's where I started to rock the suite, note the back of

the head is a separatepiece that's held on with velcro to get that

nice thing shaped head


the cardboard paneling for the arms, made of comic book cardboard backings


the arms full boarded


this is the rest of the face rocked and the jaw works as well,

starting to look pretty thingish if I do say so myself


the head rocked more and the first coat of paint on


a few close ups of the head...




me in the head with the prototype, good times....


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