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This site is the making of my "Ultimate Thing" costume made of real rock and yes to answer

your question I am insane but that's beside the point. Your next question is likely why would I

do this? well the answer is I have far too much time on my hands and have a huge dislike for

that foam rubber orange ninja turtle they call the thing in the new Fantastic Four movie. So I

decided to do it right, using pure rock. Now on with the "making of" oh and feel free to make a

pun or two, you just can't not pun with the thing....


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This is the picture and character I based the costume on, it is

marvel's new version of The Thing in their Ultimate Universe.


this is the concept sketch I made to get the design of the face


this is the roll of canvas I used to make the under part of the suit


this is the starting of the mask, note the rubber bands that allow jaw movement


a bit of fun while testing the mask out


the beginning of the feet for the thing!


the arms were hand sewn with wool, makes them very strong


the first rock test on the prototype arm, held on with duct tape


the hand done on the prototype, the rock is held on with glue on

cardboard then held to the fabric with velcro


another shot of the prototype with more rock




this is me about halfway through the rocking of the prototype


prototype all finished and painted, the project was proven possible


I started the velcro by sewing it to the full arms of canvas all

hand sewn, it took a very long time...

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