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the thing foot all nice and rocky...and if you were wondering where

I got all these nice rocks they are drainage ditch rocks that I

smash with a hammer, we found most of them near train

tracks and stole them good


the rocked arms, they weigh about 35 pounds each


I used a spray gun with craft paint to finish painting the suit also note

the rocked legs basically same story as the arm minus the hands


the 4 dare I say fantastic, well pretty good at least


and then we are off to the National Comic Book Convention 2005

the orange is funny in this pic because the flash was on, it makes it look a bit crazy

the full suit weighs 110 pounds...


me at the convention it was a blast, a lot of people got

their picture taken with me and if your one of them

please contact me, i'd love to seem them


my favourite pic of the suit taken by kennyG, the lighting is very nice


a few more shots of me in the parking lot




and finally this is a shot of me before I went on stage at

the masquerade costume contest at the convention

I won 3 awards, one for best overall comic costume, best

marvel costume and best workmanship. It was a great time

one might say I rocked...

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